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About the period when both old and new APIs can be used


Could you tell us about the announcement of the API usage change types "<Breaking change" and "Major API Version Deprecations" >?
In cases where the current API is deprecated and a new API is released, where will the date when the new API become available be mentioned in the announcement?
Please tell me the URL if there is a sample from the actual announcement.

Also, regarding "Major API Version Deprecations", I think the actual results will be V1 → V2.
Could you please tell me the actual content of the announcement when switching to V2 as a reference?

  • I contacted customer care and received the following answer.

Unfortunately, I have not found any past announcements for the switch over to v2.
If you have further questions on this please reach out to the Dev team directly on the Dev Forum, or search through the relevant announcements as required.

Let me know if I say something that's unclear.

Best Regards,
Hirofumi Enotani

Hi there -Hirofumi first off, please do take a look at our change management policy - I think you'll find lots of helpful information there!

To answer your first question, in many cases the replacement (new) API is already in service at the time of the announcement. This allows our users to immediately start utilizing the new resource(s). Example announcement: Deprecation of old gamification default profile APIs

To answer your second question - there was no announcement made when we versioned from V1 to V2 because V1 was never a public API. V2 is the only public API that Genesys Cloud has produced. For your reference, we have no plans in the near or intermediate future to produce a v3 of our APIs.

Becky Powell
Director, Genesys Cloud Product Management

Hi Becky

Thank you for your reply.
I will confirm it.
I'll let you know if I have any questions.

Best Regards,

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