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Developer Center Beta - New UX and Content Reorg

Thanks, I will dig into this and have a look around. Certainly, the data being remembered and multiple instances would be a welcome add and would return the explorer to a similar level of functionality to the old one. One thing I do really like (and have just found!) is the "Invocations" accordion. This goes a long way to resolving my earlier criticism concerning SDK documentation - really neat way to get to the sample code, thank you!

Regarding the filter, that's neat, but it's not possible to "drill down" in the way you can in the old one. I used to use that quite a bit. Again, I think you mentioned that something akin to this was coming, so I will wait to see what happens!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

New features for API Explorer and SDK docs have been deployed and updates posted in the Site Feedback category. Please don't hesitate to jump in on those topics with any additional feedback. Thanks all!

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