Getting Microsoft Power BI working

I have been trying to get Microsoft Power BI working and the Streaming Datasets never shows up. The extension shows green for PureCloud and for Power BI, but nothing appears in the workspace. Any clues or suggestions?

What do most people use to report on REST calls to the stats?


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I haven't used Power BI before, but this open source integration may be of interest to you:

That is what is not working. What other tools are best for reporting?

First you should log in to your PowerBi account, then from Google Chrome Extension click to authorize to PowerBi (should turn to green), next click on PureCloud, also should connect there and turn to green.
At this moment every defined amount of time, there should goes updates to PowerBi from PureCloud.
First update is to create StreamingDatasets on PowerBi.
Could you please check what you've got in browser console?
When you open "Extensions" menu in Chrome, click on "background.html" link inside.
What kind of errors you see there?


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It looks like your user do not have proper rights in PureCloud.
According to the documentation:

403 Forbidden Not authorized to access resource, user is lacking a role/permission

Please extend your permissions (include there Engage Supervisor)

That did it. I had assumed that Admin had all rights. Silly me.

It looks like this is limited to Conversations and Workgroups. Any chance to relate the GUID in Conversations with users, chat Emails, or phone numbers?

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Yes, right now we send only basic set of data.
We could extend it, but we do not have ET for that.
We've created enticement req for that

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