“participantName” key - Web Messaging - Broken Timeline

I've been referred to this thread - “participantName” key - Web Messaging - by Genesys Support as the reason for an as-yet undocumented change that has broken the Interaction/Timeline information.

Web messaging interactions no longer display the queue name in the timeline but rather the "Messaging deployment.name" which means we lose visible information on what queues the conversation passed through but more importantly when and for how long.

For example, here was a "good" version before the change where we can see the interaction went though 2 queues - SGA - General and Skinny Mobile.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot get a good reason as to why Genesys made this change and why they are happy that it has broken things.

@Greg_Boston & @Angelo_Cicchitto are you able to expand on this?

See also Interaction Timeline - Messaging interactions not showing Queues in timeline

Hi @Angus.Huckle thanks for raising this.
We recently made a change to allow for consistency in the message identifiers provided via our APIs across all of our messaging channels. It was unknown at the time how this data was used for visualization of the interactions timeline. We are planning to roll back this change so we can evaluate additional changes to how we visualize the timeline while also achieving the goal to have the data consistency across our messaging channels.
The need for data consistency was raised in the other customer thread you also mentioned.

It is good to hear that this change is being rolled back.

It would also be good if the other messaging channels were made consistent with the rolled-back web messaging setup such that they too will display correct information in the UI.

Agree - there is ongoing planning for consistency across the Messaging Platform channels, you saw this update in GC Community.
We have rolled back Web Messaging to the previous behavior, and will re-plan this improvement to ensure to impact to Timeline.
Thanks for feedbacks, appreciated.

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Wanted to update and notify that we have done a full review of the original concern, the changes that we rolled back and the final approach to the changes needed to have consistent data in the Conversation and Analytics APIs as well as make sure that the data displayed in the segment information on the Interaction Details Timeline is correct. As part of this review we did find changes across other Digital Channels that were also needed.

We now have the work effort in progress and tentatively plan to release the new changes on 2/14 (subject to change based on QA cycles).

I wanted to provide a few links with details on what is changing for your awareness. I also included a link to an idea we created so you can follow the release timeline.

Please see the following links with more information on the planned changes:

Thanks and please let me know any questions after reviewing the information.

The change addressing this concern has been approved for release and will roll out through each of our regions Wednesday 2/21/2024 through Friday 2/23/2024 per our release cycle. See my previous post for links to all the details related to the change.