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Queue Routing - Users Availability

Hello Experts,

I could use some guidance on this scenario. This is a very simple concept that we are trying to replicate from our PureConnect Attendant environment into Architect, as we work to migrate all of our profiles/routes into Genesys Cloud.

"Evaluate user availability in a queue to apply routing decisions for inbound calls"

Inbound calls comes in. Need to evaluate if any users are available in our "Operators" queue. If there are any users available, then route the call to the next available user. If there are no operators available, then route the caller to a Main Menu of choices.

Concept Review
Always route the call to a live person instead of using any prompts or menus; unless, there are no users available to answer the call.



Hi Christopher,

The best way to do this would be for Architect to natively include this functionality.
Please vote for this idea, and add any additional use cases you might have:

For now, AFAIK your only option is to create an action with the PureCloud Data Action integration. I did a write up on this a while ago here:

If you are new to Data Actions you can start here:


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