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Routing calls with two possbilities

Hey everyone

we are looking at building a inbound call flow with two possibilities based on two skill sets and availability.

How we will have it built is have skillets assigned to specific agents (3 for now) and if they are idle on queue to route to them via queue(Call this Skillet one),

and if they are not available we will route to a specific play message and route back to the same queue with another skill set (call this skill set two) where the rest of our agents will be on (around 20 agents).

the idea behind this is
Agents with skillet one, if a client calls they wont hear any IVR message
and agents with skillet two the client will hear a IVR message.

I assume this will be a switch statement but just need help with the logic of it.

Any help will be appreciated .

Have you considered using bullseye routing? You could match the timeout of the queue's 1st ring to when you play the IVR message in the in-queue flow.

Thanks for the reply,

I did consider using bullseye routing, but was unsure how to implement it in the actual in-Queue architect to find agents with that skillets.

We currently use Bullseye routing for a number of our queues, but because this requirement was a bit different it stomped me on how to implement.

The only thing you will need to do is decide when to play your message in the in-queue flow and make sure you only play it once. In this example, I assuming the timeout is 10 seconds. The 1st update data action creates a flow-level boolean variable Flow.alreadyPlayedMessage with the expression

If(IsNotSetOrEmpty(Flow.alreadyPlayedMessage), false, Flow.alreadyPlayedMessage)

This sets the value to false unless it's already been set; this is to keep each loop from resetting the value.
The decision action looks a Flow.alreadyPlayedMessage, and if it is false then play hold music for 10 seconds (or your timeout), then plays the message you want and sets Flow.alreadyPlayedMessage to true.
The hold music action at the bottom can be replaced with any other flow logic you want.
Notice if the decision action evaluates to true, that means your message has already been played once and the call will skip down to the hold music action at the end.

Thanks for that,

helped a lot, is there any chance to do this in the inbound call flow? when i implement above it detects that no flow has been played and routes to the queue i need and as expected but what we need is to have it for only a few agents and if no one available to straight away route to the rest.

if that makes sense?

You could write a data action to check to see if the agents are on queue

Hi Richard,

I wrote up a response to a similar situation that may be able to get you by until more of this functionality is built into Architect:


Thanks for that,

I am getting an error when trying to run it, would you know what oAuth i should be using? i am currently using client

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