Announcement: Ruby SDK - End of Life

Category: API

Summary: Effective immediately. Genesys Cloud will no longer make enhancements, improvements, or provide support to our Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK beyond v.96.0.0.

Context: This decision was not made lightly and reflects the overall consumption of the Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK in relationship to the other SDKs being used within the Genesys Cloud ecosystem.

The Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK (v96.0.0) will be frozen at its current version level. Any new enhancements to our API or bug fixes will not be backported. If you do need to take advantage of new features or bug fixes outside the Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK, you will need to use the Genesys Cloud REST endpoints directly.

  1. The Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK at its current API version (v96.0.0) will continue to be hosted out at
  2. The SDK generator repo ( will be branched to retain the Ruby SDK configuration for those wishing to continue to generate the SDK locally. The Ruby SDK configuration will be removed from the master branch.
  3. All Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK tutorials, documentation, and code samples on the Genesys Cloud developer center ( ) will continue to be hosted through Q2 of 2021. No additional updates or changes will be made to these documents.
  4. The Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK ( forum be removed within the next two weeks.

Date of Change: 09/17/2020

Impacted APIs:


  1. Github Ruby SDK Repo:
  2. Developer Center:
  3. Developer Center Ruby Forum:

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