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Auto-logout inactive users - Beta is OPEN!

Greeting beta team! I am happy to let you know that the beta release of the auto-logout inactive users feature is now available!

As a reminder, you can find documentation here and FAQs here.

I welcome your feedback and questions. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime here in the forum. Thanks again for your participation.


Hi @Becky_Powell ,

We are using this feature within the Genesys Embeddable Framework which is incorporated within our Airbnb's agent tool . We enabled the inactivity timer & set it to 90 minutes via the API endpoint as described within the documentation and noticed that the agents are not getting auto-logout despite they being inactive.

We did the test by logging in one of our engineers to Genesys Cloud via the embeddable framework within our Airbnb Agent Tools application and left the computer untouched (no activity) for more than 90 minutes and it still keep the agent as active without logging the user out. Can you please investigate and advice why the inactivity timer is not working as expected?

We reached out to Genesys Tech Support and have been re-routed here as this is still in Beta & they do not support it until its being GA. Please do let us know if console logging or any further information which might help to investigate this issue?


@Becky_Powell - Do we have any update around this? If this is not the right channel to discuss these issues, please do let us know how we move forward as this issue has been ongoing for a while now. Thank you.

Balaji, I am so sorry I missed your posts.

You are using the embeddable framework with a homegrown app, correct? In this case you need to "ping" the GC public API in order to keep the session alive. The inactivity timeout feature gauges inactivity as the lack of API calls being made from the client. In you case, you may want to introduce a periodic GET call to an innocuous endpoint like /api/v2/users/me to keep your session alive.