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Can I continuously download all recordings from specific queues

I need to continuously download all recordings for calls that went through any of N specific queues.

Ideally I could subscribe to an event/webook thats fired when a new recording is available, process that request to check if the conversation went through one of the targeted queues, and if so, download the recording file.

I've reviewed the Available Topic listed here and there doesn't appear to be a good way to do this.

I could maybe

  • maintain a list of users
  • subscribe to v2.users.{id}.conversations for each user
  • for each conversation started event,
    ** check if it came through a targeted queue
    ** subscribe to v2.users.{id}.conversations.{id}.recordings
    ** call v2.users.{id}.conversations.{id}.recordings.{id} to "Subscribe to receive notifications when the transcode of a recording has completed."
    ** download the given recording

This seems like it could work but also feels like a lot of moving parts.

Alternatively I looked at the Recording API as well.

Perhaps I could

  • create a cron
  • have it call POST /api/v2/recording/jobs with an appropriate conversationQuery
  • call PUT /api/v2/recording/jobs/{jobId} to run the job
  • poll GET /api/v2/recording/jobs/{jobId} till the job is complete
  • download the returned recordings

That seems a little more straight forward, but still big enough to get a second opinion.

Is there a better way to do this?

These both seem like viable solutions. A topic like v2.routing.queues.{id}.recordings would be beneficial here and might be worth bringing up in the Ideas Portal

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