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Delete recording from the script


Customer would like their agents to be able to "delete recording" when the a customer said that he don't want to be recorded.

We recommend that the agent will put the call in secured pause and then choose a wrap-up code linked to a policy which doesn't retain the recording.

But they don't want to use wrap-up code for that. Wrap-up code is kind of important for them and they need it to qualified the call.

So i tried to use API:

  • To retrieve the recording id : /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/recordings
  • and then to change the delete date using : /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/recordings/{recordingId}
    with a date in the past:
    "deleteDate": "2019-08-01T00:00:00.000Z"

This is working well on finished / old conversation from the Developer Tools.
But when i integrated those two data action in a script, I was unable to retrieve recordingId on live call.

I tried again with the Developer Tools with a live interaction and it looks like that I can retrieve recordingId only after the interaction is closed (after setting a wrap-up code)

I was also thinking about setting another wrap-up code with API from the script and have a policy to handle the delete date, but it looks like we can have only one wrap-up code ... (and their might also have an issue using this wrapup API with client crediential)

Would anyone have another idea on how we can address this need ?

Valéry Chhoa

Perhaps not ideal, but you could use an equivalent "no record" wrap-up for each existing wrap up code:

// Wrap-ups

// Added wrap-ups

The customer would then still be able to qualify the calls.

A cleaner option might be posting the conversation id to an external table. A process like an AWS Lambda function could run periodically, read the table, and delete the recording after the conversation ends.

Thanks RJ.
But customer have more than 50 wrap up code ... they don't want to duplicate them all.
The second solution sounds good. Hopefully, they will go with it.

Thanks again !

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