Deprecation & Removal - ACD Chat v1.0


Genesys is removing access to Web Chat v1 along with the Chat v1.0 widget deployments. This removal will eliminate resources specific to these specific versions. At a later time, Genesys will also remove access to ACD Web Chat v2 and corresponding Chat Widgets versions (1.1 and 2.0).

See the feature announcement here: Deprecation: Removal of ACD Web Chat - Genesys Cloud Resource Center

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Change Context

Web Chat v1 and the v1.0 widget are based on our most legacy version of chat. This version is lacking many modern Genesys Cloud features and is the first step in our efforts to deprecate and remove legacy Web Chat channel in favor of our newer Web Messaging.

Change Impact

Once the removal date is reached, v1.0 Chat widgets can no longer be created or accessed, and any existing implementations of Chat v1 will no longer be able to send or receive messages.

Date of Change

Jun 26, 2024

Impacted APIs

We will remove v1 support from following APIs, that will no longer allow "v1" widgets to be created, updated or retrieved:
POST /api/v2/widgets/deployments
PUT /api/v2/widgets/deployments/{deploymentId}

More specifically, we will remove support for v1 and v1-http from following Request Parameters within those APIs:

  • the clientType will no more support/return v1 and v1-http
  • the clientConfig will no more support/return WidgetClientConfigV1 and WidgetClientConfigV1
  • An error “400 - The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.” will be returned if these parameter are supplied



Is there any intention to make web messaging also support short-lived conversations? We have been using the Web Chat for sensitive chat messages that cannot persist and I found out here - Messenger JavaScript SDK Token - Platform API / JavaScript SDK - Genesys Cloud Developer Forum that messages in web messaging will persist on the same token up to 72-hours.

I'm curious how Genesys will handle customers like us in this situation as a token that can recall messages up to 72 hours later is not very secure. I understand that you can potentially do an authenticated session but we need it for a public chat so this isn't possible.

Hi @CM_H
Couple of comments on short-lived sessions & privacy concerns:

  1. We do support Conversation Clear command, which allows End-Users to explicitly clear their current session on shared devices
  2. We are planning to make the Guest Session configurable, to accommodate both short-lived ephemeral sessions with short expiration (down to 15 mins) to mimic sync-chat behavior, and also long-lasting async sessions, with longer expiration to mimic WhatsApp-like experience, allowing brands to follow their customers for the entire customer lifecycle. This is upcoming development, pls follow this Idea for updates > Genesys Cloud Ideas Portal

Thanks Angelo :slight_smile: option 2 sounds good longer term, if I can make a suggestion, it would be good if there was an agent side endpoint we can call to force close a session too that would help with sensitive topics. I don't have access to the idea portal but will ask around work how to get in.