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Frustration with this forum

I have found oodles and oodles of posts on this forum from developers who have had the exact same questions as I do. Almost all of these posts, maybe 70-80% of them, have ended the same way.

First, someone from Purecloud provides one of the following non-answers:

  1. This feature is currently under development.
  2. We are considering that feature right now.
  3. That's a great suggestion, post it here.
  4. What you are asking is not currently possible.
  5. This is the wrong place to post that question, go here instead.

Second, the topic is closed.

Needless to say, this pattern severely hampers the utility of this forum. It creates a sea of dead-end search results that lead to nothing but frustration, and it discourages others who have the same question from asking again, at a time when the answer might actually be available.

I would ask you, please go back and follow-up on past questions that have been unanswered. Or reopen all of the topics, so that developers who have more experience with your products can share their knowledge, ex post facto.

I'm sorry you're not finding the answers you're looking for in past posts. If you still have outstanding issues that you need assistance with, please create new topics for them.

Old topics are closed after a month to cut down on the number of low effort "has this changed?" and "me too" replies dredging up old topics; addressing those posts repeatedly takes away from time spent answering posts from people who need help with a particular issue.

Also, keep in mind that the forum is just that, a discussion forum. It does not replace or supersede product documentation. Posts from years ago may not still be accurate today, so keep that in mind when considering the answers found on old posts, particularly ones that note any sort of work in progress or upcoming features. As always, if you are not finding the answers you need after searching (and thank you for searching first!), create a new topic with your inquiry.

I agree with John about leaving them open till there is an actual resolution. By allowing others to post in the same thread instead of opening a new thread you have a better idea of the number of users with the same issue. It also makes searching for a resolution easier since you don't have to look through 5 threads asking the same question to find the answer, if there is one.

There should be the following from Genesys and 3rd Party Integration Partners
Model Contact Centers Architect Flows with Dialogflow
Model Contact Centers Architect Flows with SugarCRM
Model Contact Centers SSO Integration with SugarCRM
Postman IDE Setup Tutorial for API Implementation, Testing and Monitoring
Genesys Training Course on all the above plus
API Development Basics
API in Basics in Architect
API Contact Center Routing/CRM/Plus....
Most importantly a Developer Forum that takes you from a PureEngage Premise or Cloud Deployment into an API/Google AI Deployment

Currently Genesys doesn't provide training for API Designed and Deployed Driven Contact Centers

There is so much time wasted in trying to find answers piece by piece, we take one step forward and 5 steps back when new solutions like this see the light of day.

For companies buying to the sales pitch, they need to incorporate into their purchase PS Services to build a Proof of Concept that meets their Business Requirements

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