healthStatus field not returned in Edge Telephony API

We're building a script to monitor our on-premise Edges. The API Explorer and the JS SDK both return a field named healthStatus for each Edge but the Ruby SDK doesn't.

Is that on purpose or should we create a support ticket?

What API resource or SDK method are you referring to?

In API Explorer, /api/v2/telephony/providers/edges and in JS SDK api.getTelephonyProvidersEdges returns a JSON object containing result.entities[i].healthStatus.

In Ruby we're calling telephony_proivder_api.get_telephony_providers_edges which doesn't seem to return that field.

That property is currently intentionally undocumented, though I don't have an explanation as to why. Undocumented properties are not included in the SDKs. The JavaScript SDK gives you this property because it doesn't use model contracts and therefore does not enforce the documented schema. You can request that this property be publicly documented and included in the SDKs at

Thanks for the clarification.

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