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How to send message to a group using API


Is there any API for sending a message to a specific group? I saw an endpoint called SendMessage in Conversation API but it needs conversationId and communicationId as input.


I assume you're talking about non-acd chat groups? You can use a webhook for that.

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Thanks! that's what I was looking for :slight_smile:

After researching about webhooks I found out that We have to create an integration of "Generic Chat Notifications" Type and Create mappings to groups inorder to send a message to a group.

In my application the user just have to select the group to which message should be sent and integrations and mappings should be created dynamically using purecloud API's. So I found an API for adding the integration but I didn't find any API's for creating mappings to group. So Is there any way to create mappings to group using APIs?

Thanks in advance

No, you must use the UI to configure webhooks at this time. You can request APIs for that task here:

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