HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed using SDK

Hi forum,
I searched if someone else had the same issue but I didn't find anything yet.
I'm not sure if it's a bug or something else, so I'll try to describe the problem.

We perform some sequential operations in short time, calling each time this method of Java SDK:

(new RoutingApi()).deleteUserRoutingskill(userId, skillId);

Most of the calls perform correctly, but some of them (let's say 6/7 in hundreds) throw the following exception:

{"message":"HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed","code":"method not allowed","status":405,"contextId":"0d845c23-f96a-4bac-901a-5577addebf78","details":[],"errors":[]}

Now, using the SDK we don't set any method of the request, so I think the error message is not correct, or it means something else.

System configuration:
Java: 8
Maven: 1.6
Purecloud Java SDK: 108.0.0

Thanks in advance for the help!


It's certainly not normal to be getting that error intermittently. Please open a case with Care to investigate this error. They will need any contextId/correlationIds from the failed requests.

The logging for this request indicates that you're not providing a skill id in the request. This means you're making a request to api/v2/users/xxx/routingskills, which does not support a DELETE operation. Make sure you're validating your input and you have a value for skillid before making the request.

Thanks @tim.smith, that's exactly the problem! We didn't find out before because the message is misleading.

Thanks again!

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