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Interaction Widget Permissions for Camera and Microfone

I am using Genesys sandbox version as below.
Version 10.127.0+2-release/10.127.0-998a910705bb70052367b13a0e77a7a7c85a829f

We are working on embed a video solution to interaction widget so i found an error showing that Genesys Cloud iframe is not allowing this to execute but not sure where can i allow this on default sandbox options for this application.

As suggested below we have done all these configurations still unable to resolve the issue related to camera and microfone.
We have verified our video application inside an iframe it works fine but not inside Genesys iframe.

IFrame feature policy ("allow" property) can be defined in your interaction widget configuration (in Admin - Integrations - Integration).

Open your interaction widget integration, and select the Configuration tab.
Under "Properties" section, you will see "Iframe Feature/Permissions Policy" parameter.
You can set the desired features as a comma-separated list.
Supported values/features are: "camera,microphone,geolocation,clipboard-write,fullscreen,display-capture"
See the related announcement for more details.
Refresh or logout/login from Genesys Desktop so the new configuration is taken into account.

Best Regards,
Ashutosh kumar.

Hi @ashutosh,

As long as the "Iframe Feature/Permissions Policy" list in the Configuration tab contains "camera,microphone" the iframe should let this work, so this might be an issue with how things are configured. Could you confirm the iframe's allow list contains "camera" and "microphone" in the dev tools?

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