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Is it possible to create User in Genesys Cloud with no charge


We are in the process of developing a Genesys App Foundry application. Ours is a Dashboard application which would provide insights to Executives of a given Organization.

If the executive doesn't have a Genesys Cloud Login yet, and just to access our purchased App Found app (fixed cost licensing), is there a way to create a Genesys Cloud User without incurring any additional license cost to parent Organization?

When I created a User in our Test Genesys Org, I see Cloud CX 3 for License. If I understand correctly this represent Pure Cloud Concurrent user License. I couldn't find a way to create a user without any license associated.

So want to confirm, if it is feasible to create a Genesys User without any license cost?


Hi there - you can create a wallboard account so that you can display a dashboard without having to pay for and use a full Genesys Cloud license. It is not a free license but it is deeply discounted ($18/month USD). More details here: Create a wallboard account - Genesys Cloud Resource Center

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Thanks for the update! Appreciate it!

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