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Load testing audiohook integration

I want to load test our audiohook integration to make sure it also work with heavy load. I have a working integration that i have tested with one call from a telephone and then answered that call trough Genesys cloud conversation site.
I know that i need to be approved to perform load testing, but for now, i would like to know if there is any way to auto generate calls and also answer the calls, so that audio will flow through the audiohook streams.
I don't care what audio is streamed i just need to have several simultaneous call going at the same time.
Do i need to generate call externally or can that be done from within Genesys? What about answering incoming test calls. Is it possible to configure to automatically answer all calls coming in?

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There is no way to simulate traffic in Genesys Cloud. If you want to handle 1000 incoming calls, you must place 1000 calls from an external source.

Okay. Thank you for straitening that out.