Messenger JavaScript SDK LocalStorage keys are changing for certain items


Some items that Messenger JavaScript SDK persists in browsers' LocalStorage will have their keys updated. The items in question are: _actsc, _actec, _actmr, _actmu, _actms, _actts and _actvc.

Each key will now be prefixed by the Messenger deployment ID the value originated from, for example _actmu will now be ``_{deploymentId}:actmu.

Change Category


Change Context

It is necessary to ensure that all data persisted in browsers' LocalStorage is scoped to a single Messenger deployment. Some items persisted by Messenger JavaScript SDK have keys already prefixed by deployment ID and this change aligns other documented items, so that the behaviour is consistent across all Messenger SDK plugins.
Consistent behaviour is important for future efforts, like web sessions division-awareness.

Change Impact

Customers that strictly control LocalStorage access will need to update their policies to allow updated items with new keys, now prefixed by Messenger deployment ID.

Date of Change

No sooner than April 22nd, 2024

Impacted APIs

No APIs impacted.


[GPE-13833], [AI-992]

The date of this change has been postponed indefinitely. Additional capability is required to fully support this change.