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New Feature: Collapsible sidebars and more

Here's an rundown of some new features recently released to the Developer Center.

Collapsible Sidebars

The left and right sidebars can now be individually collapsed and expanded. Hover over a collapsed sidebar to peek and interact with it. This feature was added to maximize the size of the center reading pane on smaller displays.

Default state (open):

Both sidebars collapsed:

API Explorer Request Preview

The Invocations and Execute Request sections of the API Explorer will now show the full request (in HTTP format) using the data you've entered. This will allow you to view your query params, path params, headers, and request body as a formatted API request.

Tooltips on Starring

A tooltip show shows when starring API resources and pages. Starred API resources and pages can be found in the toolbox (click the wrench in the lower right corner of the window). See the Using API Explorer: Starring Resources and Bookmarking Pages guides for more information.


Minor fixes and improvements

  • Added additional information and links to the API Explorer page
  • Page size for table pagination is now global and persistent
  • Removed table pagination from Limits page
  • Minor style tweaks

There have been a couple reports of the guide and blog indexes not populating. If you encounter this issue and a simple refresh does not fix it, please clear the app's cache and refresh. If the problem persists, please post steps to reproduce here.

Clearing the app's cache can be done from the settings page in the toolbox:

Hi Tim, the sidebar is not collapsing for me. Using Chrome.

Hello, did you try moving your mouse? It looks like it's working fine as you can see the page changing size. The video doesn't show your mouse moving, so it's still triggering the hover state until you're not hovering over the menu anymore.

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