Reverting back to a previous Purecloud Architect Flow and Publishing

What is the best practice to revert back to a previous version of an inbound call flow?

If I am on Version 4 of the PureCloud flow, and I wanted to revert back to version 2, the current tools only allow me to open the version 2 into a new tab, but when the new version in the new tab is opened it only allows me to "save as" and not publish until I name it something different.

Is it possible to overwrite the latest version?

Is the only way to revert to an older version to rename the flow (publish it) and re-configure everything in call routing admin to point the Inbound DID/toll-free to the reverted version since it would technically still be pointed to the latest (ver. 4) version?


You can use the api to publish the old version. The request has a version parameter that you can use to specify which version to publish. When this parameter is omitted, it publishes the latest saved version of the flow.

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for the quick response and clarification.



Hi Alonso,
There is an alternative , which is to create a new version / new call flow name for every changes to the inbound flow.
The benefit is that you keep older versions untouched, and do not need to recompile / publish older versions of call flows.
Then in the routing section, just point to the routing to the version of call flow you wish to use (or activate), the new version or if you wish to quickly revert back, the older version.
Maybe some extra steps but gives more control.

That is what I am avoiding, and that is not a best practice in my opinion, as it forces the admin to have to change call routing and pointing the DID to the new reverted call flow. It is not a true "revert" because you have to do those extra steps. The expectation should be to revert without making anymore or other changes, unfortunately it seems that the API route is the only solution.

Thanks for your input.

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