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Secure Pause API License Requirements

Hopefully, someone on the Genesys Team can confirm whether the upcoming feature Ability to Secure Pause Recording of Other User's Conversations will still require the participants to have a GC2 minimum license? This is in the API and looks to be a great addition but we're curious about the licensing requirements. We have noted that in some testing with the Secure Pause API, a GC2 is not required to be able to initiate a secure pause session from a custom UI, the license requirement is not always enforced. We of course always require this for production to assure compliance with the EULA (as we've understood it at least).

Your feedback will be much appreciated! Thanks

Hi Chris,

The use of Secure Pause in a call conversation should not require a GC2 license. In general, Interaction Recording is covered in GC1 license as per our pricing, and secure pause is considered a basic functionality of recording and so it is covered there for calls.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the response. The reason I mentioned GC2 was the customer is on GC2 elsewhere in their org. The use case here is all call are recorded, the users needing secure pause are NOT ACD users, they are mostly on outbound, ad-hoc calls that often go to payment processing. I'm just trying to pinpoint whether the GCx license is needed specifically fro Secure Pause or is that just a part of the need for ACD. As I mentioned, we tested this w/o a GCx license and these users can initiate the secure pause (provided by custom app via API) but I am concerned this is just a miss on license enforcement and we are breeching EULA.

Some added context here. We set up a test for a Communicate only user, we're set to record all calls, and that user placed an outbound call and the call was successfully recorded and is accessible for supervisor review. This org does have CX3 available but is definitely not assigned to this test user. And again, the Secure Pause API add-in bit also works without any CXx license.

We're really not just trying to be cheap(OK, well maybe the customer is :wink:) but the use case for them, for these non-ACD users, has a large financial impact if they have to provide CXx licenses for all these non-acd users to legally provide the recording and secure pause. GCloud is definitely not enforcing this if it is intended to.

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"Interaction Recording" requires CX1 license. However, policy-based recordings are captured through trunk-side. So in addition to capturing all the usual ACD calls, it would also be capturing any calls thru that trunk – regardless whether the call participant may be a CXx user or just a Communicate user.
Genesys Cloud's positioning has been, and continues to be, that capturing of such policy-based recordings from Communicate users are allowed, even without a CX1 license on them. So we do not consider that as breaking the EULA. However, accessing these Interactions and recordings (e.g. Interactions search, and playback recordings in Interaction Details View) are enforced with permissions that require CX1 licenses, so Communicate users won't be able to access the recordings themselves.

Consistent with the above, we are not enforcing the action of Secure Pause of a call to require a CX license. If you are to use Secure Pause for Others endpoint on a call that has no CX user participants, we do not consider that as breaking the EULA either.

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