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Bot connector related stats - bot response time & result?


I've implemented Genesys Bot connector for third party bot and customer wants to see following stats:

  1. Total invocations of Bot per day from 1 Aug (number of postUtterance)

  2. Average response time from Bot for 1.

  3. Number of times BotTimeout was raised

  4. seems to be in Bot Performace summary view, but I'm not too sure whether the number is correct.

But I couldn't find 2 or 3. Is it available anywhere?


Hi @Taisuk_Choi
From the standpoint of the Genesys Cloud platform API, the response from this analytics query includes a statical summary:
POST /api/v2/analytics/bots/aggregates/query
Check the Schema in the API Responses section for the field "stats" for a list of the statistics returned.

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