Bulk Archive Recordings through Recording Bulk Action API


The recording bulk action API will be able to perform an action of ARCHIVE (in addition existing options of EXPORT or DELETE), so that historical recordings can be archived in a bulk job.

This ability is valuable for organizations that have not put in place QM policy to archive recordings for some time. As QM policy only applies to recordings AFTER the policy creation, organizations may find out they are reaching or have gone over their max data storage allocated via fair-use policy, where this capability affords them to bulk archive past recordings quickly.

Change Category


Change Context

Feature development.

Change Impact

This is a non-breaking change – the recording bulk action API continues to support the ability to bulk export and bulk delete recordings.

Date of Change


Impacted APIs

GET /api/v2/recording/jobs
POST /api/v2/recording/jobs
GET /api/v2/recording/jobs/{jobId}
PUT /api/v2/recording/jobs/{jobId}



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