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Change to comparisonperiods API

Category: Public API
An API change is being made to the Genesys Predictive Routing GET comparisonperiods response contract.
The following fields are being deprecated and will be revamped, please note these fields wont be removed until the dependant admin ui work is complete:

  • kpiTotalOn
  • kpiTotalOff
  • interactionCountOn
  • interactionCountOff
    They will be replaced but the following list, which will contain the above fields with associated media types:
  • kpiResults

Example of how kpiResults will look: "kpiResults": [
"kpiTotalOn": 100800,
"kpiTotalOff": 220800,
"interactionCountOn": 1569999,
"interactionCountOff": 1669999,
"mediaType": "voice"
"kpiTotalOn": 12345,
"kpiTotalOff": 54321,
"interactionCountOn": 6789,
"interactionCountOff": 9876,
"mediaType": "email"

Context: This change is to allow Genesys Predictive Routing’s comparison periods to support multiple media type i.e voice, email, message.
The following public and preview APIs will be affected:

  • GET /api/v2/routing/comparisonperiods
  • GET /api/v2/routing/queues/{queueId}/comparisonperiods
  • GET/api/v2/routing/queues/{queueId}/comparisonperiods/{comparisonPeriodId}

Impact: No customers use the API at this time.
This will only impact admin-ui, in which the admin-ui work to cater for this API which is planned to completed the the Genesys Predictive Routing Team

Date of Change: on competition of AP-10099

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