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Deprecation: "Get journey sessions by customer" action in Architect


We plan to deprecate the "Get journey sessions by customer" action in Architect. This action was used to get all previous sessions for a given customer. As we continue to focus our efforts on identity stitching, we will be associating journey sessions with external contacts in the future. As part of this change, the services that supports the "Get journey sessions by customer" data action will be deprecated. This change does not affect the "Get journey session by ID" action, and we will also be adding a new action in the near future to get journey sessions for a given external contact.

If you were planning to use this data action and want to learn about alternative options, please email

Change Category


Change Context

We are deprecating this now because the service that it depends on will be removed sometime in the middle of next year (date TBD) and the action currently has no users using it. The risk of delaying this deprecation is that users would begin to use it and it would become more complex to remove it.

Change Impact

As we have no customers using it, we don't anticipate any adverse impact. We will be releasing a new data action in the future to provide the same functionality but using an external contact ID as the customer identifier. This has already been built and is currently behind a feature toggle.

Date of Change

Feb 09, 2022

Impacted APIs

No APIs, just an architect data action. (The API that powers it is not public.)



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