Deprecation: Legacy Alerting APIs


Genesys will deprecate the legacy alerting APIs.

Change Category


Change Context

A new real-time alerting service will replace the legacy alerting service. Please see the deprecation announcement for additional information: Deprecation: Legacy alerting system - Genesys Cloud Resource Center

Change Impact

Customers will need to recreate their rules in the new alerting service and migrate over to using the new Alerting APIs.

Date of Change

Effective immediately, we will label the API resources as "deprecated."

We will not remove the APIs from service until such time that no customers utilize these APIs.

Impacted APIs

GET /api/v2/alerting/alerts/active
GET /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/alerts
GET /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/alerts/unread
DELETE /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/alerts/{alertId}
GET /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/alerts/{alertId}
PUT /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/alerts/{alertId}
GET /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/rules
POST /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/rules
DELETE /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/rules/{ruleId}
GET /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/rules/{ruleId}
PUT /api/v2/alerting/interactionstats/rules/{ruleId}



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