Deprecation: non division-aware presence API endpoints


The existing API endpoints starting with the path /api/v2/presencedefinitions are being deprecated because they are not division-aware. They are being replaced by new division-aware endpoints under the path /api/v2/presence/definitions.

Change Category


Change Context

The division-aware endpoints make clear distinctions between the business units of an organization. The existing endpoints predate division functionality and are being deprecated in favor of resources using the division-aware pattern.

Change Impact

The /api/v2/presencedefinitions endpoints will continue to function as normal with no changes to their behavior. If action is not taken, customers can continue using these non-divisioned API endpoints. To make use of division-aware presences, applications must be upgraded to use the new /api/v2/presence/definitions endpoints.

Date of Change


Impacted APIs


  • GET|POST /api/v2/presencedefinitions GET and POST
  • GET|PUT|DELETE /api/v2/presencedefinitions/{presenceId}

New endpoints:

  • GET|POST /api/v2/presence/definitions
  • GET|PUT|DELETE /api/v2/presence/definitions/{definitionId}


PCUCC-2245, PURE-3836

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