Deprecation: scheduled report generation APIs


We are deprecating the analytics reporting APIs per Deprecation: Canned reports.

Change Category


Change Context

With the introduction of scheduled exports, emailed exports, PDF exports, and selectable columns, Genesys Cloud completed the core functionality that the reports service provided. Genesys Cloud has migrated all canned report usage (a limited set of report types with no configurability other than the most basic options) to the dynamic view exports that will let users generate all the reports they may need with ease.

Change Impact

APIs are annotated as deprecated; they will be removed from service once all customers have migrated away from usage.

Date of Change

Deprecation annotation change takes effect immediately.

Impacted APIs

POST /api/v2/analytics/reporting/schedules

PUT /api/v2/analytics/reporting/schedules/{scheduleId}

POST /api/v2/analytics/reporting/schedules/{scheduleId}/runreport