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External Contacts: firstName and lastName fields are no longer required

Identity Resolution will be generally available on October 1st, 2022. More information about our release schedule is available in the Genesys community forum.


Previously, the firstName and lastName were required on ExternalContact objects and their absence would result in a 422 Unprocessable Entity response on create or update API requests. As part of the upcoming Identity Resolution feature of Genesys Cloud, ExternalContacts no longer require either of these fields. The Agent UI will still enforce this requirement to maintain a consistent experience, but the API will now permit these fields to be omitted.

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Change Context

Identity Resolution will collect information about customers from several sources and store them in autogenerated ExternalContact records. This data may not always have naming information present, so the firstName/lastName fields on these records may be blank. For API consistency, we are removing the requirement to provide firstName or lastName on create or update requests.

For more information, please read this article on new ExternalContact behaviors that will be available as part of Identity Resolution.

Change Impact

There should be no impact to API clients. Any previously well-formed requests will continue to function as before. However, any client that relies on the presence of the firstName/lastName fields should be updated to avoid potential issues or confusion in the future.

Date of Change

No sooner than Jul 13, 2022

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