Genesys Cloud Email improvement


In roughly 60 day,s we will implement a change to our Email solution, as follows.

Summary: Today, when there are multiple external email addresses included in an email conversation, we group them together as one single external participant.

For example,

  • The agent emails Jane Smith.
  • Jane Smith forwards the email to John Doe.
  • John Doe replies to the agent.
  • The agent receives a notification of an incoming email from Jane Smith, not John Doe.
  • In the agent’s roster, Jane Smith appears as the sender.

When we release this change, we will be including support for multiple external email addresses, meaning in the example above, the agent will see that John Doe has replied, not Jane Smith.

This change will be reflected across the platform, including in the agent view and in the Timeline view for the interaction detail record.

There are no API updates with this change, and we believe that this will improve the agent experience.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Change Category


Change Context

This addresses a longstanding limitation with the Email solution, and customers have requested this fix to improve agent experience.

Change Impact

This will improve the agent experience.

Date of Change

October 28th, 2023

Impacted APIs




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