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Genesys to Tableau

Hi Team,

Need to know how to fetch data from Genesys and generate report in Tableau.

You may want to start here

Thanks for sharing the link. It is very useful.

Need your input on below
We are trying to export the file from Performance->workspace->Agent Interactions. The exported file is stored in Genesys Inbox. When we try to download from Inbox it is redirecting to the below link and the file is downloaded to the local.
I have a doubt

Is it possible to get the Genesys S3 link access for us to extract the data and store it in our (different organization) S3 bucket

Not that I am aware of. Most things that go to an inbox can only be accessed by that user, not client automation, and don't provide APIs to get information bypassing that required user context.

Hello! I'm building a feature into the product right now to be able to leverage our exports to create a statically accessible link that can be updated on a schedule. Tableau and other BI tools that support CSVs will be able to leverage this too. This feature is being tracked here We're currently on path to have this released late this year or early next year.

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This might be the best news of the year!

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