Journey API Documentation Updates


Over time, documentation on Journey APIs has drifted and gone stale.

Discussion on this led to a more aligned, clear approach on when/where to document required fields in requests/responses.

We have made changes as a result to update Journey API documentation with more accurate required fields and field descriptions on requests/responses.

Change Category


Change Context

Swagger docs on Journey APIs are no longer as accurate as they could be

Change Impact

No impact other than updated documentation

Date of Change

Jan 31, 2024

Impacted APIs

GET `/api/v2/externalcontacts/contacts/{contactId}/journey/sessions
POST /api/v2/journey/deployments/{deploymentId}/appevents
GET /api/v2/journey/outcomes
POST /api/v2/journey/outcomes
GET /api/v2/journey/outcomes/{outcomeId}
PATCH /api/v2/journey/outcomes/{outcomeId}
GET /api/v2/journey/segments
POST /api/v2/journey/segments
GET /api/v2/journey/segments/{segmentId}
PATCH /api/v2/journey/segments/{segmentId}
GET /api/v2/journey/sessions/{sessionId}
GET /api/v2/journey/sessions/{sessionId}/events
GET /api/v2/journey/sessions/{sessionId}/segments



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