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Looking for various fields within the API Analytics

Is there a field in the interactions that stores information similar to remote disconnection, busy, no answer, answering machine, hang up agent, hang up patient, etc?

Are there fields for annotations/observations?

In a survey, where is it stored if the NPS is detractor or promoter? (I've seen metrics that count the number, but not the field that stores them.)

Not 100% certain I understood all your questions the way you meant them, but here's a stab at getting the conversation started;

  1. There is no call disposition field in a standard voice call. A callback campaign can track some of that but only in terms of the automated dialing from what I could glean. You can extract and interpret each segment's disconnect reason but they're fairly cryptic compared to what you're expressing.

  2. For annotations made on a recording you have to download the recording ids associated with the conversation with /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/recordings and then extract the related annotations /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/recordings/{recordingId}/annotations

  3. From GET /api/v2/analytics/conversations/details for example: Conversation -> Surveys -> surveyPromoterScore

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