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Looking to connect PowerBi to Genesys PureCloud

Has anyone connected Powerbi to the pureCloud APIs for reporting?

Hello Robert.

Not yet, but planning to.

You might wanna start by checking out the AppFoundry for an existing connector. Keep in mind the fair API use policy and that there are specific API's designed for analytics that might even process data in a async fashion.

** API fair usage **

Analytics API


We have had several custom projects and have packaged IP where we use Power BI to present information from the GC APIs.

However, we pull data down first and deposit into an Azure SQL Server (most the time) or other historical repository based on customer needs and cloud providers. From there, we'll create Power BI reports from that DB in question.

You can hook up Power BI directly to the APIs I believe. But to Daniel's point, and depending on how you deploy the Power BI report, it would be a pretty good way to burn up your fair usage.

If you create a Direct Query report with Power BI pointed at the GC API suite, then deploy that report for your user base, I'm confident the API query throttling would come into play and your fair usage would go through the roof.

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