New GET request to query historical adherence query status


A new GET request (/api/v2/workforcemanagement/adherence/historical/jobs/{jobId}) has been added to request the status and results of a historical adherence query. The response body from this request is identical to the notification body received when listening for the topic v2.users.{id}.workforcemanagement.historicaladherencequery

Change Category


Change Context

This new endpoint allows for retrieving historical adherence query results when subscribing to the notification topic is undesirable.

Change Impact

No impact.

Date of Change

Jul 20, 2022

Impacted APIs

Results for POST requests to /api/v2/workforcemanagement/managementunits/{managementUnitId}/historicaladherencequery or /api/v2/workforcemanagement/adherence/historical can now be retrieved from /api/v2/workforcemanagement/adherence/historical/jobs/{jobId}



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