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Open Messaging API: Removing inaccessible fields

Category: API

Summary: Remove inaccessible fields in inbound Open Messaging API

Context: The first Preview release of the inbound Open Messages API had some fields that are not currently viewable in the Conversation Message transcript for Genesys Cloud. API customers may expect fields like message.metadata,, to be viewable and usable by other APIs in the system. Currently, they are not. Until they are, we plan to remove these fields to eliminate confusion. Once they are viewable, we will plan to add these fields back in an upcoming update (ref: PURE-3672).

Impact: Just as before, inclusion of these fields will not result in any ability to view this data through other APIs.

This is primarily an update to clarify documentation and valid usage for Genesys Cloud. None of these fields are used in Genesys Cloud today. If your middleware includes these fields on inbound POST, no error will result; they will be ignored. However, if you use Genesys Cloud SDKs, the API contract will change if you update your SDK. Code referencing the below fields and enum values will need to be updated.

Date of Change: June 2, 2021

Impacted APIs:
POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/inbound/open

Field marked as required
(Clarifying change - was and continues to be required.)

Inbound fields removed

Readonly fields removed

Enumeration changed
message.type can now only be set as “Text” (description: “A text message that could contain text only or text with attachments.”)

Removed Enum values from message.type
Structured, Receipt

References: PURE-3347, MSG-2730, PURE-3672

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