Outbound API - getOutboundSchedulesEmailcampaigns SDK function fix


The Platform SDK OutboundApi class contained a function, getOutboundSchedulesEmailcampaigns, which was generated with the incorrect return type due to the incorrect return type being used in the Public API Swagger documentation. The getOutboundSchedulesEmailcampaigns function in the SDK has always been broken, and any attempt to use this function would result in a deserialization error due to the function attempting to deserialize the Public API response using the incorrect class.

The Public API Swagger documentation has been updated and the correct class is now correctly specified. The newly generated SDK will now use the return type for the “getOutboundSchedulesEmailcampaigns” SDK function and the function will work as expected.

Change Category


Change Context

The SDK function was flagged as broken during internal testing. The function must be operational for internal testing to be completed.

Change Impact

There is no impact for customers who use the /platform/api/v2/outbound/schedules/emailcampaigns Public API endpoint using any other clients, except for the PureCloud Platform SDK.

There is no action for customers to take, as the SDK function in question has never been operational, and with this change, the SDK function will now operate as expected.

Date of Change


Impacted APIs

There are no APIs impacted as the Public API endpoint, /platform/api/v2/outbound/schedules/emailcampaigns, works as expected. It is the generation of the SDK for this endpoint that is impacted.



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