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Permission enforcement for adherence notifications


We will begin enforcing permissions for adherence notifications for the following topic v2.users.{id}.workforcemanagement.adherence
Subscribing to the topic will not be permitted unless the user making the request has WFM:agentSchedule:View or WFM:agentAdherence:Notify or WFM:realtimeAdherence:View. See updated documentation for v2.users.{id}.workforcemanagement.adherence on the available topics page:

Change Category

API, Notifications

Change Context

Receiving adherence updates should require permissions.

Change Impact

If the user does not have one of the required permissions then the request will return a 403 error. Please be aware that if multiple topics are being subscribed to any permission failure will return a 403 error for the entire request and result in all subscriptions to not be fulfilled.

Date of Change

On or after March 08, 2022

Impacted APIs

POST /api/v2/notifications/channels/{channelId}/subscriptions for topic v2.users.{id}.workforcemanagement.adherence


WEM-396, WEM-429

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