Preview API: Public API Performance Predictions - Rate limiting


We are introducing rate limiting in the Performance Predictions APIs. The The maximum number of requests allowed per minute for recalculating performance predictions will now be enforced at the rate of five per minute.

Change Category


Change Context

We are implementing rate limiting in order to prevent abuse and to maintain platform stability.

Change Impact

No impact to customers as the feature is not in GA and only in BETA.

Date of Change

Jan 17, 2024

Impacted APIs

  1. /api/v2/workforcemanagement/businessunits/{businessUnitId}/weeks/{weekId}/schedules/{scheduleId}/performancepredictions/recalculations/uploadurl
  2. /api/v2/workforcemanagement/businessunits/{businessUnitId}/weeks/{weekId}/schedules/{scheduleId}/performancepredictions/recalculations


[DOR-4263], [DOR-4246]

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