Removal of boolean attribute "useSupportedContentProfile" in Webdeployments Configurations API


The useSupportedContentProfile boolean field will be removed from FileUploadSettings under Messenger settings in Web Deployment Configurations API.

Change Category


Change Context

The useSupportedContentProfile boolean field was introduced as part of a design change during the development of a new feature. However, it was later decided that the field is no longer required and it is now being removed. This field was never used as part of a released feature, but is being announced since it's part of a public contract.

Change Impact

No customer impact is expected; the field was never used.

Date of Change


Impacted APIs

  • POST /api/v2/webdeployments/configurations
  • PUT /api/v2/webdeployments/configurations/{configurationId}/versions/draft


SQUONK-578, PURE-3362

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