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Removal of Web Gateway Service


We are renaming the api.customer.get command in the Predictive Engagement SDK to api.customer.getData.

Due to this change, the visitCount variable in the response earlier will be replaced by the sessionCount variable.

Current API New API
ac(api.customer.get, <Callback>) ac(api.customer.getData, <Callback>)

Change Category


Change Context

We are renaming this variable to align better with other commands.

Change Impact

This change will affect a small number of Predictive Engagement customers as it is an optional feature and is not routinely used. All customers who are using this resource have been informed of this change and have taken steps to update this command on the Predictive Engagement website tracking snippet.

Date of Change

August 10th, 2022

Impacted APIs

Predictive Engagement SDK command api.customer.get