Remove division awareness from new transfer API permissions


As there’s already a permission which controls whether a user can transfer outside their division, the restriction/capability imposed by making these permissions division aware is not considered to have business value.

We will update these permissions to be non-division aware.

Change Category


Change Context

We are making this change to:

  1. Allow us to update the transfer UIs to use the new APIs which rely on these new permissions.
  2. Correct the oversight which made these permissions division-aware when there was no business value to doing so.

Change Impact

There is no impact to customers' production orgs; our logs do not indicate usage outside of the Developer Tools.

Date of Change


Impacted APIs

POST /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/replace/agent
POST /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/replace/external
POST /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/replace/queue
POST api/v2/conversations/calls/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/consult/agent
POST api/v2/conversations/calls/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/consult/queue
POST api/v2/conversations/calls/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/consult/external