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Removing RingCentral Features from Public API


Support for UC features in RingCentral through the public API is being dropped.

Change Category


Change Context

Genesys is no longer partnering with RingCentral to provide UC functionality such as 3rd Party Presence.

Change Impact

RingCentral was never enabled in our production environments outside of test orgs; therefore, there will be no customer impact.

Date of Change

May 06, 2022

Impacted APIs

The following 3 could not be used by users, though they were publicly documented:
GET /api/v2/integrations/ringcentral/auth
POST /api/v2/integrations/ringcentral/auth
DELETE /api/v2/integrations/ringcentral/auth

GET /api/v2/users/presences/ringcentral/bulk
GET /api/v2/users/{userId}/presences/ringcentral



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