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Replacement of Workbins and Worktypes query endpoints (beta)


From June 9th, the preview endpoints below will not be available anymore. Please adapt your code to use the replacements.


GET /api/v2/taskmanagement/worktypes?.. (Get a listing of Worktypes)

GET /api/v2/taskmanagement/workbins?.. (Get a listing of Workbins)


POST /api/v2/taskmanagement/worktypes/query (Query for Worktypes)

POST /api/v2/taskmanagement/workbins/query (Query for Workbins)

Change Category


Change Context

This change allows for more flexible queries on Workbins and Worktypes and standardization across all query endpoints.

Change Impact

This is a change from a GET to a POST request but the query logic is similar. This API is in preview and will not affect general availability. The beta customers using this resource have been informed.

Date of Change

Jun 09, 2022

Impacted APIs

GET /api/v2/taskmanagement/worktypes?
GET /api/v2/taskmanagement/workbins?



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