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Not sure anybody asked this question before
is there a monitoring tools in genesys cloud ? for system up time and downtime alert ?
let me put it in another way, since we can't see URS UCS SIP configServer IX bla bla bla anymore in cloud , if there is an issue in the cloud will there be a system to alert us about the issue ? or we need to wait for user to engage use about system not working so we engage genesys to look into the issue ?

You can view the Genesys Cloud status page and subscribe to updates:

Thanks Tim,
but spend some time to study the page ,
I tried to run the api script and this time stamp show , and it look like it has not been updated for long time
I am wandering is this is some kind of automated update ? or human updated ?

Hi Alex

Genesys does not currently have an endpoint you can use to call the overall status of the platform. The page Tim is referencing is manually updated to when there is an overall platform incident.

Generally, because every customer's needs are different and there are different capabilities you want to monitor for, we recommend building a monitoring solution around the capabilities that are most important to you. We do have a blueprint here that shows how to take one of our public APIs around conversation MOS scores and build a Prometheus/Grafana alerting solution. MOS scores are probably not what you are looking for but you would be able to take this and extend it out. Keep in mind that you are still limited to 300 API calls per minute per API so you want not want to be constantly pinging whatever endpoint you would select.

I am in including @Becky_Powell our product manager, because she might have some thoughts on platform monitoring capabilities that are being talked about on the roadmap.

John Carnell
Manager, Developer Engagmenet

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