Web messaging messages per session rate limit change


A new limit for web messaging incoming messages is being added (messages.per.session.rate.per.second) to replace the existing limit that applies to this case (messages.per.session.rate.per.minute). The new limit is using a smaller sampling window compared to the limit it’s replacing.

Change Category


Change Context

The old limit allowed all 60 messages to be sent at the same time, consuming the full minute's rate limit instantly and preventing any further messages for up to 59 seconds. The new limit allows 2 messages per second in an effort to reduce abusive sending patterns and reduce the amount of time the client needs to wait after being rate limited.

Change Impact

Messenger and web messaging guest API (web socket) applications will have a new rate limiting experience after the change is applied. The new limiter will be applied instead of the old limiter. The Messenger client will handle this automatically with no changes required by the customer. Custom applications are still expected to handle rate limiting gracefully. Properly implemented rate limit handling shouldn't require updates.

Note that this is entirely a server-side change for Genesys Cloud; clients will experience the same rate limiting effects as before, but under different timings.

Date of Change

Dec 11, 2023

Impacted APIs

Web messaging's web socket connection onMessage action will be limited to 2 requests per session per second, instead of 60 request per session per minute, allowing for overhaul more message per minute but fewer per second. This applies to Messenger and direct consumption of the web messaging guest API.


SHYRKA-2225, SHYRKA-2322, DRI-1485

Does this apply to Open Messaging?

No, this does not apply to open messaging, this is for web messaging only

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