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Wrap-up Code Reporting

We have a requirement to report on every interaction attempt placed from our outbound dialers. The problem is that we have a legacy system that requires a very specific format for data coming back to it for call counters and more. Another issue is the fact that we have a requirement to report on all dialer interactions every 15 minutes. We currently use a third party system that initiates an export of the contact list via API then formats the data for the legacy system. We use the wrap-up columns to report on what happened during the attempt.

The issue we face is the amount of lists we have to pull from AND the fact that wrap-up codes get written over if a subsequent call is placed on that account and number.

How could we write to a separate contact list/data table, SOMETHING to get the data we need for the legacy system that comes from the contact list, along with the wrap-up code and other stats captured during the call?

You aren't really meant to report on interaction attempts from the campaign data, that's basically summarized metadata and the wrong approach when you need true detail.

The detail of interactions is stored in the Conversations API.
Every outbound attempt will have an OutboundCampaignId in it, as well the indvidual specific wrap up up code for that attempt and all the metrics related to that individual attempt.

You may want to look at whether POST /api/v2/analytics/conversations/aggregates/query is flexible enough to give you what you need at the 15 minute interval by grouping conversationId, outboundCampaignId, wrapUpCode and the metrics you're interested in ( nOutbound, nOutboundAbandoned, nOutboundAttempted, nOutboundConnected for example), but for true raw detail at that frequency you probably need to resort to a true POST /api/v2/analytics/conversations/details/query and parsing out the points of interest yourself.

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