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Background changes to the Embeddable Framework client


We are in the process of making changes to the JavaScript framework that is leveraged to create the client that is at the center of the Embeddable Framework. These changes are part of our ongoing effort to improve performance and security of the client, and are a necessary part of the ongoing development of this client. As a part of these changes, we are undergoing a reorganization of the presentation layer of the client; this will not result in visible changes to the end user of the client or integrations built on top of the Embeddable Framework, but this does mean that our HTML structure will undergo significant changes.

While DOM manipulation of our client is not a supported mechanism to alter the behavior of the client, we are aware through conversations that there are several customers and potentially AppFoundry development partners that are going this route in order to further customize their integrations. We want to reiterate that DOM manipulation is not supported, and we reserve the right to change our HTML structure at any time, for any reason, without notice. This is a capability that we need in order to engage in the ongoing development and maintenance of the Embedded Clients. Our HTML structure is not a contract, nor is it publicly documented, and is not subject to any of our change management policies requiring advance notice.

As these changes roll out, we anticipate that any custom development that relies on DOM manipulation will either see a dramatic change in behavior or will potentially stop working all together. We highly recommend that any developers utilizing DOM manipulation with the Embedded Clients review their approach and make whatever changes are necessary to avoid a potential impact.

If there are features you find are not available in the Embeddable Framework that require you to engage in DOM manipulation to provide them, we highly encourage you to engage with us through the Ideas portal to make a request for those features/capabilities.

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Change Context

Ongoing development work as part of a javascript framework update for the embedded clients. Note that the date listed below is the start of ongoing deploys that will update our HTML structure, likely continuing on through the end of the year.

Change Impact

Customers should experience no impact unless they are doing DOM manipulation, which is not a supported methodology with the embedded clients. If you are doing DOM manipulation, your integration may cease working.

Date of Change

beginning Jun 28, 2022

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