Dark Hours and Removal of Knowledge Workbench V1 Associated APIs


Most of the Knowledge Workbench V1 associated APIs are being removed after deprecated on 29/May/2023 and replaced by Knowledge workbench V2 associated APIs. This removal does not affect any customers. See also the past feature deprecation announcement of Knowledge workbench V1: Deprecation of Knowledge workbench V1 associated APIs

Some of the APIs named Document(s) and Category(s) are not being removed in this round. These APIs are being implemented a special dark hour logic: every even hour dark and every odd hour is normal. During dark hours these APIs will send back HTTP 408 indicating that server would like to shut down this deprecated integration.

Change Category


Change Context

Genesys' strategic decision is to use Knowledge v2 instead of Knowledge v1 and migrate all the Knowledge v1 customer to use Knowledge v2 as it provides the latest version of Knowledge capabilities. As of now all the Knowledge v1 customers already migrated to use Knowledge v2 except those who integrated with Genesys APIs and calling directly Knowledge v1 Document(s) and Category(s) APIs from their own applications. These customers were already notified about the deprecation and guided to be able to stop calling Knowledge v1 Document(s) and Category(s) APIs.

Change Impact

Customers' own applications integrated with Genesys knowledge v1 Document(s) and Category(s) APIs can be impacted.

Genesys recommends that customers who use the Knowledge v1 Document(s) and Category(s) API integrations should migrate to use Knowledge v2 APIs. For migration guidance and help please contact through My Support Portal ([My Support Portal - Genesys Cloud Resource Center]).

Date of Change

Mar 07, 2024

Impacted APIs

Knowledge v1 documents:

  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/documents/{documentId}/uploads (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/import/jobs)
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/documents/imports/{importId} (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/import/jobs/{importJobId})
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/documents/imports (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/import/jobs)
  • [DARK HOUR] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/documents/{documentId} (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/documents/{documentId})
  • [DARK HOUR] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/documents (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/documents)

Knowledge v1 feedback:

  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/feedback/approvals/bulk (replaced by: No replacement)
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/feedback/approvals/bulk (replaced by: No replacement)
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/feedback/{feedbackId} (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/documents/{documentId}/feedback/{feedbackId})
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/feedback (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/documents/{documentId}/feedback)
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/feedback (replaced by: No replacement)

Knowledge v1 trainings:

  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/trainings (replaced by: No replacement as training is automatic since Knowledge v2)
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/trainings/{trainingId} (replaced by: No replacement as training is automatic since Knowledge v2)
  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/trainings (replaced by: No replacement as training is automatic since Knowledge v2)

Knowledge v1 search:

  • [REMOVAL] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/search (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/documents/search)

Knowledge v1 categories:

  • [DARK HOUR] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/categories (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/categories)
  • [DARK HOUR] api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/languages/{languageCode}/categories/{categoryId} (replaced by: api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId}/categories/{categoryId})

Knowledge v1 knowledgebase:

  • [REMOVAL] Under api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases/{knowledgeBaseId} and api/v2/knowledge/knowledgebases the "faqCount" and "published" API response properties are being removed without any replacement.

[GKC-5121], [GKC-9556], [AI-593]

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